Healthy Movement and Exercise After Breast Implant Removal, Day by Day

You may not have expected to have breast implant removal surgery, but, like many women, you’ve decided that the implants are no longer right for your body, or you are among the few who have developed unwanted side effects. Dr. Zochowski has worked with you to optimize this sudden change to your body, restoring your breasts to a shape that is livable and natural. Now, your diligent post operation care will ensure optimal results.

Basic Care at First

Dr. Zochowski may have fitted you with a compression garment that supports incisions, and excess fluids may require drains. Appointments will be scheduled for their removal after two to three days. Though your swelling may last for weeks, most women don’t suffer major discomfort, so it’s important that you don’t push yourself just because you’re feeling good. If your removal was due to capsular contracture, you might experience a more painful recovery, so if over-the-counter pain killers are inadequate, Dr. Zochowski may provide a prescription. 

Follow specific instructions for wound care and prescription medications. Your post-surgery appointments will assess your healing process, specifying what you can and can’t do. Recovery rate varies, of course, with each individual. 

The First Two Days

You will be resting after your operation with exertion limited to moving around the house, especially if you’ve had a breast lift following implant removal. If so, your recuperation may last a little longer, and your breasts may feel tight and/or heavy for several weeks. 

Since you may not have had a chance to prepare foods ahead of time, it’s best if you get help with meals. As with any surgery, it’s important that you get moving to stimulate bowel movements and prevent blood clots from forming. Watch for signs of infection and bleeding, which can be more common in implant removals than in the augmentation process. Stay hydrated.

Easing Back Into Activities


  • First six weeks, avoid lifting anything over 11 pounds (5 kilograms).
  • About the third day, you should become more active to prevent blood clots and avoid constipation.


  • While some women are okay to return to work after 5 days, Dr. Zochowski finds two weeks to be a normal time frame, depending on your type of work.
  • 10 days- 2 weeks: Ease back into walking and light exercise or housework. (No floor-scrubbing, bouncing, or belly dancing!) It will be several months before your breasts settle into their new position. 
  • After six weeks, if all is going well, you should be able to resume normal activities and exercise.
  • Important activity: buy some pretty and flattering new bras! 

Though your breasts will not look the way they did before the augmentation implants, you may wish to make the most of your natural silhouette with pectoral exercises such as chest presses, chest flies, pull-overs, and pushups. (See “How to Keep Lifted Breasts Perky with these Exercises.”)

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