Breast Revision

Breast Revision in Columbus, Ohio

Getting breast augmentation surgery with implants can help you revise the size and shape of your breasts. But after getting your new implants, your satisfaction with them may change over time. In many cases, implant-related concerns can reach a point where they diminish your comfort, confidence, and health. Fortunately, you can remove and replace implants you are no longer happy with for any reason.

At Zochowski Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Zochowski can help you find relief from physical and mental anguish caused by your augmented breasts.

Leave your concerns behind and embrace the full benefits of your new appearance.

To learn how breast revision can support your health and figure, contact Dr. Zochowski through our website or call us at (614) 490-7500.

What Is Breast Revision?

Modern breast implants are long-lasting, but they are not lifetime devices. Silicone and saline implants can rupture and leak, or a ring of painful, hardened scar tissue can form around them. Sometimes, women who originally wanted larger breasts want to size down because their lifestyle and aesthetic goals have changed.

By having your old breast implants removed and replaced, can simultaneously resolve several functional and cosmetic challenges that may occur after breast augmentation surgery. Your new implants can be the same material, size, and shape as your existing one or differ from them in all these categories.

Breast revision is a highly personalized surgery that accounts for your physical concerns, current implants, overall requirements, and general health. After assessing these factors, Dr. Zochowski can devise a plan to resolve the issues caused by your current set of breast implants.

Dr. Zochowski uses his extensive skills as a board-certified plastic surgeon to understand your concerns with your existing breast implants and resolve them with a new set of implants that fit your requirements. Feel comfortable in your skin while refreshing your confidence through breast revision.

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Want to see real patient results?

Explore all the Liposuction cases performed by Dr. Christopher Zochowski in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo Gallery

Want to see real patient results?

Explore all the Liposuction cases performed by Dr. Christopher Zochowski in Columbus, Ohio.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Revision?

Breast revision has various advantages, including:

• Resolving pain and discomfort caused by your breast implants.
• Revising your breast size and shape.
• Removing implants that have started moving within your breasts.

• Correcting the look of drooping implants.
• Improving your general confidence and well-being.

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How Does Breast Revision Work?

Breast revision is a surgical procedure that resolves your functional or aesthetic concerns stemming from a previous breast augmentation surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Zochowski uses different techniques to resolve the specific issues you face with your existing implants.

Breast revision is a more extensive surgery than breast augmentation because it involves removing the old implants and replacing them with new ones. That’s why this surgery requires a qualified plastic surgeon who has experience with advanced techniques.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who has established his expertise as a breast and body specialist, Dr. Zochowski holds the qualifications and skill set to resolve the challenges that could result from previous breast implant surgeries. By using his experience, he can devise a personalized plan to execute a breast revision that addresses your specific concerns.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Revision?

You might be a good candidate for a breast revision if:

• You feel pain around one or both implants.
• You are no longer happy with your breast size or shape.
• Your implant has ruptured or moved out of position.
• Your implant gives your breast a drooping look.
• Your implant has hardened scar tissue around it (capsular contracture).
• You are in overall good health.
• You have realistic expectations about the surgery.

Schedule Your Breast Revision Consultation With a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Columbus, OH

To address physically discomforting and mentally stressful challenges with your previous breast implants, you must get your breast revision from a highly qualified plastic surgeon who can effectively resolve these problems for you.

Dr. Zochowski can assess the challenges your existing breast implants bring to your life and create a personalized surgical plan to overcome them. To schedule your breast revision consultation with Dr. Zochowski, contact us through our website or call us at (614) 490-7500 today.

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