Your Prettiest Pout Yet for Valentine’s Day

You want to send a very special Valentine selfie, or maybe you’d love to have your lips look especially kissable for an upcoming romantic Valentine dinner. Influenced by trend-setters like Kylie Jenner, you, along with many young women, want to know more about lip augmentation for a more sensual mouth. Today, you can achieve your prettiest smile ever, free of worries over “trout pout,” thanks to Dr. Zochowski and his state-of-the-art non-surgical procedures, his experience, and his renowned artistry

Is a Lip Enhancement Procedure Right for You?

Your lips are a unique and important part of your facial identity. A highly skilled professional is essential to the delicate process of restyling them. Only a qualified professional like Dr. Zochowski should determine your eligibility, although most healthy adults who aren’t pregnant or lactating are candidates. He will consider your expectations for the outcome and your overall health, allergies, and chemical sensitivities in a way that non-board-certified beauticians are not required to do. He also evaluates your lips’ subtle movements when smiling, talking, or resting. Together you and Dr. Zochowski will develop a treatment plan to achieve beautiful lips. 

Advantages of a Non-surgical Procedure

Clearly, any procedure that can be done in twenty to thirty minutes, avoids general anesthesia, and takes place in the office rather than a hospital’s OR is made to order for today’s busy schedules. You could fit it in on your break and return to work with no down time. Any redness, swelling, or mild bruising disappears in a few days. 

A Pout That is Just Right

Most lip injections rely on hyaluronic acid (HA), a compound that is derived naturally from the body. This vital building block strengthens connective tissue and cartilage, promotes the growth of collagen, helps tissue stay hydrated, and improves the lips’ overall skin condition. HA-based gels from Juvéderm® and Restylane® have been carefully formulated with different consistencies for different purposes, such as adding firmness to better “sculpt” the lip, retain lip definition, and/or add volume. 

The perfect placement of the HA products is essential for a natural-looking result. To inject the filler you’ve agreed on in your plan, Dr. Zochowski uses very fine needles with meticulous precision. The injections can even be administered over several appointments to allow you to evaluate the results incrementally. With fillers, less is more, so you won’t end up with the too-full lips that draw stares. If any lumps develop after your procedure, HA fillers can be revised easily and painlessly with a special solution that dissolves them. Or if the new look is just not you, all you need to do is wait about six months, and your mouth will return to its normal size and shape. 

Schedule a Private Consultation

If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area and are interested in non-surgical enhancements, schedule a private consultation to have Dr. Christopher Zochowski answer your questions. Please call 614-490-7500 or contact our office online today.