Keep Lifted Breasts Perky with these Exercises

You’ve invested in breast augmentation and/or a breast lift procedure, and you want to preserve your great new look, not to mention protect your investment. Or maybe your body has aged since your procedures, and gravity has combined with collagen level deterioration to change the shape of your breasts. Your procedures enable the aesthetic you desired for years, yet nothing lasts a lifetime. Bodies change.

You can do things that prolong the great results you enjoy, however.

The Right Bras

A supportive well-fitting bra will help keep your girls looking their perky best if worn consistently. Jumping, bouncy movements, and high impact exercise can stretch your skin beyond normal stresses, hastening the work of gravity on your breasts. During exercise, a sports bra is a must in fighting that downward tug.

Stay Safe 

Check with Dr. Zochowski if you are post-op to establish the optimal time to begin performing any of the following exercises, usually 4-6 weeks after surgery. If you’ve had a combination augmentation/lift you may require more time, and, of course, everyone heals differently. Dr. Zochowksi may provide you with a more detailed health regimen tailored to your unique procedure(s), how you have progressed, and your general health history.

Targeted Exercise Regimen

If you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle that includes an exercise routine, especially one that targets specific exercises, you can expect the perkiness of your bustline to last indefinitely.

Not all exercise is equal in terms of your breasts. Your pectoral muscles require specific attention to maximize your appearance over time. Dr. Zochowski recommends the following exercises that develop your pecs, enabling them to support and shape your breasts for the look you want to maintain for as long as possible.

The Best Exercises to Add to Your Exercise Regimen:

Chest Press

This classic weight-bearing exercise is perfect for building your pectorals. 

  1. Lie back on a bench, feet flat on the floor, chest upward. Dumbbell of appropriate weight in each hand, hold them level with shoulders. Brace your back against the bench. (Raise knees if necessary for additional back support.) Inhale.
  2. Raise dumbbells straight up, above your shoulders. Don’t hyper-extend. Pause. 
  3. Exhale as you lower dumbbells until even with shoulders. Repeat 10x. 

Modification tip: Some like to work with a stability ball instead of a bench, giving your core some extra attention. 

Chest Fly

Also for the pecs:

  1. Lie back on a bench (or stability ball), feet flat on the floor, chest upward, dumbbell in each hand. Brace your core. Inhale.
  2. Extend your arms above you, raising dumbells, palms facing each other. 
  3. Exhale as you lower dumbells outward (as if ready to fly, elbows slightly bent) until they are even with your chest. Inhale. Pause.
  4. Exhale. Raise dumbells back upward until they are straight above your shoulders. Repeat 10x. 


To give your upper body a sculpted look, pullovers work your pecs and back muscles holistically. 

  1. Still on the bench (or stability ball) with your feet flat on the floor, chest upward, a dumbbell in each hand, brace your core and inhale.
  2. Exhale as you extend arms straight upwards, and slowly lower them behind your head in an arc. (Biceps are by your ears.) Pause, inhaling. 
  3. Exhale as you slowly raise the dumbbells back above your head. Repeat 10x. 


This tried-and-true exercise doesn’t need equipment and can be done anywhere. 

  1. Lying face down, body stiff as a plank, inhale as you place your hands on the floor/ground a little wider than your shoulders.
  2. Draw elbows in close to your ribs. Pull in your core and keep your back straight from neck to feet. Push yourself upward as you exhale. Pause. Inhale. 
  3. Keeping body straight, lower your chest to the ground, exhaling. Repeat 5x.

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