4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. In the case of breast augmentation, smaller sized implants offer amazing benefits to patients. Here are just a few reasons why going smaller on your breast augmentation is sometimes the best choice. 

Achieve a More Natural Look Longer

Like any other cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation is an investment in your looks both now and 10-20 years down the road. During that time, your tastes can change. While large breasts were all the rage five to fifteen years ago, many of the patients who opted for a more voluptuous look are trading in for smaller implants. The main reason? Today’s tastes have shifted to a more natural look versus one that overtly looks like work has been done. 

Smaller implants are an excellent way for patients to achieve a subtly enhanced look that is indistinguishable from natural breasts. As smaller breasts don’t carry the same weight as larger implants, patients also benefit from reduced sagging and can maintain a natural, yet firm, look without requiring additional surgery.

Love Your Workouts? Consider Going Smaller

Staying active is a great way to not only improve your overall health but also stay toned and looking younger. It’s also a top reason why more women getting breast implants are opting for a smaller size. Large breasts can get in the way during high-intensity workouts, making it uncomfortable or difficult for women to perform at a high level. Smaller breast implants tend to stay put without requiring extensive support and can still enhance a woman’s curves. 

Reduced Size Equals Reduced Risk

While uncommon, capsular contraction remains one of the top risks for individuals who undergo breast augmentation. This condition tends to develop when the capsule that your body builds around the implant unexpectedly hardens and squeezes the implant. In some cases, this is painful and can distort the position of the breasts by forcing the implant higher on the patient’s chest. Although this condition can affect nearly any patient, silicone implants – such as those used in larger breast implant sizes – may be at a higher risk. 

Smaller implants can also limit potential sagging down the road. As smaller implants generally weigh less than larger ones, patients tend to see minimal stretchmarks or scarring. For women with thin skin, the smaller sizes are less likely to be visible through the skin and can reduce the risk of sensation loss. 

Enjoy Easier Recovery

Recovery time after breast implant surgery can sometimes feel like the longest weeks, particularly for patients who’ve long dreamt about improving their figure via implants. 

While patients who opt for smaller implants can still expect to spend at least 10 days at home, many tend to recover faster than their larger-implant peers. This is attributed primarily to the implant size – a smaller implant means less trauma to the surrounding breast tissue. The reduced size also minimizes the likelihood of tearing the surrounding tissue during implant placement, which is common when large implants are inserted. For post-surgery patients, these key differences can mean less time recovering and more time enjoying their new figure. 

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