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When you picture a silhouette that turns heads for all the right reasons, a sexy hourglass figure may be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this voluptuous appearance is challenging to achieve through nutrition and fitness alone. A Brazilian butt lift can give your figure the curves, symmetry, and volume that desire.

Also known as buttock augmentation with fat grafting, BBL body contouring transfers fat from target areas of your body into your buttocks. This technique removes unwanted fat from one area of your body and repositions it to augment your butt. The dual benefits have made BBL plastic surgery a highly sought-after procedure around the world.

At Zochowski Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Zochowski uses his skill and experience to create outstanding results. To learn how you can benefit from a Brazilian butt lift, contact Dr. Zochowski through our website or call us at (614) 490-7500.

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a butt enhancement and body contouring procedure that augments your buttocks by using fat cells harvested from other areas of your body. Through this process, you can get a plumper, thicker, and curvier derrière without artificial implants.

BBL plastic surgery uses liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits from specific areas of your body and re-introduce them into your butt. While the areas that lose these fat cells appear sleeker and more toned afterward, your buttocks obtain an enhanced and volumized appearance through the process.

Some of the areas that can benefit from fat removal for BBL include your abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs. Additionally, using your body tissue for buttock augmentation minimizes the risk of complications.

As a result, buttock augmentation with fat grafting doesn’t only improve your rear view. Instead, it also resolves other trouble spots for your ideal physique. BBL contouring is popular among those who are concerned about hard-to-lose fat in specific areas of their body and feel dissatisfied with the look of their buttocks.

By reaching out to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zochowski, you can learn how BBL can help you with your specific concerns. Since Dr. Zochowski uses his extensive skill as a breast and body specialist to perform BBL in Columbus, you can refresh your appearance with guidance from a seasoned expert.

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Want to see real patient results?

Explore all the Liposuction cases performed by Dr. Christopher Zochowski in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo Gallery

Want to see real patient results?

Explore all the Liposuction cases performed by Dr. Christopher Zochowski in Columbus, Ohio.

What Are the Benefits of BBL Plastic Surgery?

When performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, Brazilian butt lift brings multiple advantages to the table.

Some of the most popular BBL benefits include:

  • Revising the shape, size, and contours of your butt.
  • Eliminating stubborn fat from other problem areas.
  • Reducing risk of complications by using your fat cells instead of foreign substances.
  • Getting a better fit for your clothes with a proportionate figure.
  • Attaining natural-looking, long-lasting results.
  • Improving your confidence and self-image.
During your BBL consultation with Dr. Zochowski, you can discuss these benefits at length and determine how they help you reach your specific goals. Dr. Zochowski will ask you questions about your health history to ensure this surgery is safe for you.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift?

You might be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift if you have the following characteristics.

  • You feel dissatisfied with the size or shape of your buttocks.
  • You have excess pockets of fat in other body areas.
  • You are in overall good health.
  • You have realistic expectations from the procedure.

What Happens During BBL Surgery?

On the day of your BBL body contouring surgery, Dr. Zochowski and his team will welcome you, answer any last-minute questions, and ensure you feel relaxed.

Once you are ready to go ahead with the surgery, Dr. Zochowski will perform the following steps.

  • Giving you general or local anesthesia to ensure a comfortable, pain-free surgery.
  • Starting the liposuction process by making small incisions in the targeted areas.
  • Inserting a specialized medical tube, called a cannula, into the incisions and removing fat cells with a suction device.
  • Purifying the collected fat cells to prepare them for injection.
  • Making strategic incisions across your buttocks and carefully injecting the purified fat under your skin.
  • Closing the incisions across the liposuction site and your buttocks.
After your BBL plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Zochowski will move you to a comfortable recovery room, where his surgical team can monitor your condition. Once we ensure you are medically stable, you can go home with someone responsible to drive you and stay with you for the first 24 hours. You can then follow Dr. Zochowski’s specific post-operative instructions in the following weeks for optimal recovery.

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BBL Recovery Process

Healing from a Brazilian butt lift requires you to alter your daily activities. As a seasoned and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Zochowski provides directions to help you take good care of yourself while your body heals. Besides giving you these detailed guidelines, Dr. Zochowski also prescribes medication to help you manage side effects and reduce the risks of complications.

While you may feel some pain for the first few days after your BBL plastic surgery, you can control it with prescribed medication. You will experience some swelling and bruising across the surgical sites for the first few weeks, but you can wear compression garments to reduce these effects.

Please do not put direct pressure on your buttocks for at least two weeks after your BBL procedure, standing up in situations where you would typically sit and sleeping on your stomach or sides instead of your back.

After the first two weeks, you can start sitting on specially designed BBL recovery pillows that take pressure off your buttocks. If your job is not strenuous, you can usually return to work after the two-week mark.

You may need to continue following these instructions for around eight weeks after your BBL plastic surgery. Depending upon your body’s response to your BBL, the recovery timeline may look different for you.

While healing from a BBL, you will also need to stay in touch with Dr. Zochowski through follow-up appointments. At these visits, Dr. Zochowski can assess how your body is responding to your BBL and how soon you can resume challenging exercises like running and lifting weights.

Schedule Your BBL Consultation With a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon In Columbus, OH

A Brazilian butt lift is an intricate surgery that requires the skill and expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Besides ensuring your safety during liposuction fat transfer, Dr. Zochowski will meticulously reshape your butt contours.

With his intensive experience as a breast and body specialist, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zochowski can deliver the dramatic enhancements you want without putting your safety on the line. From helping you make an informed decision with BBL before-and-after photos to providing a detailed cost breakdown, Dr. Zochowski ensures you can breeze through the otherwise challenging process of enhancing your looks through plastic surgery.

To schedule your BBL consultation with Dr. Zochowski, contact us through our website or call us at (614) 490-7500 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of BBL in Columbus depends on various factors such as the extent of your liposuction and butt enhancement. So you can make an informed decision about the costs involved with your BBL plastic surgery, Dr. Zochowski will give you a detailed cost breakdown after your initial BBL consultation.

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure that delivers your desired results.

We suggest taking at least two weeks off work after your Brazilian butt lift, though your recovery timeline may differ. Dr. Zochowski will help you determine how much time you may need off after assessing your health during the BBL recovery process.

Aside from using the toilet, you should avoid putting direct pressure on your buttocks for several weeks after your BBL. During this time, you should remain standing and only sleep on your side or stomach. Sitting down before Dr. Zochowski has cleared you can compromise your results. Follow all your recovery directions to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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