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4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. In the case of breast augmentation, smaller sized implants offer amazing benefits to patients. Here are just a few reasons why going smaller on your breast augmentation is sometimes the best choice.  Achieve a More Natural Look Longer Like any

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Keep Lifted Breasts Perky with these Exercises

You’ve invested in breast augmentation and/or a breast lift procedure, and you want to preserve your great new look, not to mention protect your investment. Or maybe your body has aged since your procedures, and gravity has combined with collagen level deterioration to change the

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Smart Breast Augmentation for Patients Who Are Fit

The latest breast augmentation technology and techniques allow for a great fit for almost all body types. Most women have enough tissue to comfortably position breast implants, smooth over the edges, and provide a buffer for fantastic results. However, the athletic, fit female patient can

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