5 Reconstruction Options after Removing Breast Implants

As popular as breast augmentation is in Ohio and throughout the United States, it stands to reason that many women who’ve had the surgery will opt to remove their implants sooner or later. The reasons vary: it’s time for an upgrade, implants have rippled, hardened, or shifted, or the original surgery did not deliver the desired outcome. Whatever the motivation for removing breast implants, a woman has options on what to do once they are out.

Out with the Old—In with the New

One option is to replace the existing pair of implants with more advanced devices that will fit aesthetic needs or lifestyle demands. With the advancements of breast implants within the last decade or so, there are more options for women who have had their implants in for some time. Or, perhaps the original choice of implants did not provide the intended results. Swapping out existing implants for another type, size, or shape is more common than you think. However, the most critical decision is not what implant you choose but rather the surgeon who operates. With any cosmetic surgery, patient should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery.

Breast Lift

We treat many women at Zochowski Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery who seek breast implant removal without replacing them. A breast lift can address any excess skin that remains and can restructure underlying breast tissue to raise breasts to a more pleasing position. Regaining that youthful upward curve with nipples pointing north is a common goal with women who want their breasts to look natural and sensual on their own.

Implants with a Lift

Whether it’s during an initial breast enhancement or after breast implant removal, adding a lift with implants can provide the best results. Not only will the patient experience volume and breast firmness, but a more pleasing position as well. Combining the two procedure into one operation lowers risk and shortens downtime and recovery.

Fat Transfer

When an implant swap is not an option, but replacing volume is a must, a fat transfer can fill the void left behind. This procedure uses liposuction to extract fat cells from a chosen donor site like the abdomen or thighs, then purifies them in a special centrifuge. Dr. Zochowski then injects this living tissue into the empty breast capsule. Once the natural tissue attaches itself to adjacent muscle and fat, it will become part of the underlying structure to deliver a natural outcome.

Breast Reduction

When implants become bothersome due to lifestyle changes or a different stage in life, a breast reduction can provide the patient with relief and aesthetic improvement. When implants interfere with your current lifestyle, cause pain or discomfort, or draw unwanted attention as you get older, it may be time to go smaller. 

To learn more about your options after breast implant removal, contact Dr. Zochowski today.