Rock Your “Side Boob” Allure

“How does she get that effortlessly sexy look of side cleavage?” Celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, JLo, and others draw attention and cameras when they show up in sheaths that tease with a side look of breast curves.

Daring breast-revealing gowns go in and out of style at the red carpet events, but the side-boob look can offer an eye-catching alternative to a plunging neckline, whether for a special evening of wine and song or a breezy day at the flea-markets.

To achieve this sexy aesthetic, you don’t need a team of stylists. You can enhance your profile with side-cleavage, using a few ideas we’ve borrowed from those who know how to heat up the wow factor.

Choose the Right Clothing

Find the perfect piece of clothing to reveal side cleavage, ranging from a casual tank top to a designer maxi dress that hangs just right. Large armholes work well, but if they’re too wide or too long, the look may change from carefree to overly bold. You probably don’t want to worry about wardrobe malfunctions, so plan on shopping for that perfect item, the one that shows just enough side cleavage without treating the world to a free flash. When your clothing drapes, hugs, or clings beautifully to your breasts, you’ll feel more confident to just be your gorgeous self and enjoy the admiring looks.

Range of Motion

You’ve found the right garment to reveal the extent of side boob you want in your profile—as long as you stand perfectly still. Make sure you’re still comfortable with the look when you raise your arms, bend, or move around. Double-check yourself in the mirror. You don’t want to be a statue, nor do you want to tug and fuss, making constant adjustments to keep your look.

Tape Bras and Fashion Tape to the Rescue

Maybe you’ve found a great dress with a nice, long cut under the arms, but it doesn’t really flatter your girls the way a bra’s support does. To help you with lift, avoid “nip slips,” and stay confident, a wide array of choices exists, ranging from tape-on partial bras to gaffer tape nipple covers that also help keep breasts perky, to rolls of flesh-colored tape that require strategic cutting and placement tailored to your body and attire. Just ask Kim Kardashian. She gets maximum lift and thrust using a gaffer’s tape bra to support her D-cup twins as they charm her public. 

Be sure to follow directions and wash and dry your breasts and hands to remove oils that would weaken the tape’s grip. Check carefully in the mirror again to keep the tape or tape bra your hidden secret. Slip-on that sexy dress or top, and wow! You look fabulous.

Anatomy Doesn’t Quite Work for the Side Boob Profile, but Want It Too?

Maybe you’ve experimented with the steps above, and you aren’t confident with the amount of cleavage. You’ve wanted a little more volume in your breasts, especially to be able to enjoy a casually sexy look like side boob cleavage. Maybe it’s time to consider getting a breast augmentation or breast lift procedure.

To learn more about ways you can lift or add volume to your breasts, contact Dr. Christopher Zochowski, 614- 490-7000, Columbus, Ohio, to schedule a free consultation.