Breast Reconstruction in Columbus FAQs: Top 5 Questions Answered

What part of a woman’s body defines femininity more than her breasts? Their contour and relationship to your body type and the shape of your chest area will express your distinct female silhouette. But when cosmetic surgery is necessary to reconstruct breast tissue and appearance, you will likely have specific questions that need answering before you can schedule the operation. Here is a list of the top questions you should ask when considering breast reconstructive surgery.

1. Is Your Chosen Surgeon Qualified?

A breast reconstruction consultation is a job interview, and you are the interviewer. Ask for credentials and what level of experience your surgeon has in the number of breast reconstructions they have performed. Is your surgeon board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery? Do they regularly perform breast procedures? Is breast reconstruction one of their surgical specialties?

2. Do You Have a Photo Gallery I Can Review?

Most surgeons have before-and-after pictures of their work, some even on their website. Ask to see photos of women who most resemble your body type and review the results. They may also have testimonials from patients who had the surgery. This information will ensure you have an informed awareness of what kind of work and care your surgeon provides.

3. Where Do You Perform Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Although many surgeons perform breast reconstruction in an accredited surgical room within their offices, others use the resources of a local hospital nearby. In Columbus, Ohio, there are multiple locations where patients can receive the utmost care with advanced technology. 

The procedure will include one of two types of anesthesia: general or IV sedation. You and your surgeon will discuss these options during your consultation and may determine where your operation will take place. General anesthesia requires more monitoring equipment, and a hospital setting may be necessary.

4. What Are the Risks?

All surgery procedures come with some form of risk. These include allergic reactions to anesthesia, loss of sensation to the wound area, excessive bleeding, infection, and visible scarring. These potential complications are why a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon is your best bet for a safe and successful procedure. Their extensive training and continuing education will ensure they are aware of the latest techniques and technologies, and adhere to the most stringent ethical standards.

5. Can You Explain the Recovery Process?

After completing your reconstruction, your surgeon will fit you with a compression garment to support incisions and your new implants. You may need drains to allow excess fluid to escape. You will have weeks of swelling, and you will need specific instructions for wound care, prescription medication, activities like walking and exercise, and when to resume your normal activities. 

You will schedule post-surgery appointments to gauge your progress and learn more about what you can and can’t do during the healing process. Recovery is different from patient to patient and requires extensive care after your operation. 

The initial phase of recovery will require plenty of rest. You can move around the house but will need to avoid exercise beyond that. As the days progress, you will become more active and may return to work within two weeks or more.

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