Smart Breast Augmentation for Patients Who Are Fit

The latest breast augmentation technology and techniques allow for a great fit for almost all body types. Most women have enough tissue to comfortably position breast implants, smooth over the edges, and provide a buffer for fantastic results. However, the athletic, fit female patient can pose challenges to the surgeon in that they may have less tissue for the procedure.

You know who you are, working tirelessly in the gym, on the streets of your neighborhood, or on the outdoor trails to strive for perfection. Your body has little body fat, and this means that natural-looking breast augmentation could be a challenge for your surgeon.

Extreme Fitness

Women who embrace fitness as a major defining feature of their lifestyles can have body fat percentages as low as 10% – 12%. Because of their low body fat, they tend to have little soft tissue coverage. Since body fat is necessary to hide the outline of the implant, breast implants can be problematic for very athletic women. To complicate the procedure more, physically fit women are more concerned about natural-looking results. Overcoming these challenges takes a dedicated, board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you to choose the right implants and surgical approach.

Over Versus Under

Dr. Christopher Zochowski generally recommends a cohesive gel implant for his patients with low body fat. He may suggest round or anatomic-shaped implants, depending on your specific goals and the natural frame of your body. 

An important decision that women must make in the breast augmentation planning is whether to have the implants placed underneath or on top of the pectoral muscles. Both placements offer advantages, and an in-depth conversation with Dr. Zochowski will help you to understand your options. Generally, implants placed below the chest muscles tend to look more natural, but the recovery may take longer than if they are placed on top of the muscles.  And, women who prefer a “perky” bust may also prefer placement on top of the muscles. Athletes must consider their desired outcomes and how the placement will affect the recovery time and the mechanics of their movements after surgery.

Recovery Is Different for the Extremely Fit

Unfortunately, recovery from any surgery requires downtime, and there is no exception for those who are fit. Although you may be cleared to elevate your heart rate sooner at one to two weeks, there should not be any heavy aerobic activities, especially anything that entails bouncing movements, for at least three weeks. Most important is refraining form working out the chest. If implants are placed under the muscle, these implants should not move for at least three months. This restriction means no heavy lifting or chest workouts during this time. 

Extremely fit patients require a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and well-versed in breast reconstruction and augmentation procedures for all types of bodies. Your consultation should be an interview process to ensure your surgeon is up to the challenge for women who are very fit.

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If you are a woman who is extremely fit, with a low body fat percentage, but want to improve your breast contour with implants, you should seek out the best option for breast augmentation surgery. Contact board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Zochowski, to schedule a consultation today. 

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