Lip Injections After Care Guide

In recent years, the popularity of lip injections with dermal fillers like Juvéderm® and Restylane® has skyrocketed – and with good reason. These non-invasive treatments allow patients of any age to subtly enhance the shape and volume of their lips, helping these individuals build their self-confidence and feel more attractive in their appearance. Additionally, their short treatment and recovery time makes lip injections the perfect cosmetic treatment for many individuals with busy schedules prevent accommodation of more extensive treatments. 

Achieving beautiful full lips doesn’t end with the actual procedure. Closely following your post-care instructions also plays an important role in helping create a look that patients will love. Check out Dr. Zochowski’s post lip injection guide for tips on how to enjoy a healthful recovery and lasting, beautiful results.

Plan Ahead

Compared to other cosmetic treatments, lip injections are among the least invasive and require the shortest amount of downtime. However, there is some chance of swelling and redness. Especially if you have a big event coming up, the last thing we would want is for a patient to receive treatment and then not be able to achieve their desired results in time for their event. 

With that in mind, Dr. Zochowski recommends that first-time patients plan their lip enhancement up to six weeks before any big events. Taking the time to plan ahead ensures you not only have plenty of time to recover but can also become accustomed to life with an enhanced smile. 

Monitor Your Swelling

Lip swelling after injections is a normal and common side effect of this procedure. While you may feel concerned (particularly if you were opting for very subtle enhancements), swelling tends to go away on its own and within a day or so of treatment. 

To help reduce swelling, we recommend patients:

  • Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoid alcohol or hot drinks
  • Eat well by prioritizing fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • Apply ice to the treatment area
  • Take a break from the gym and avoid strenuous exercise for two days following treatment

It’s also important that patients avoid smoking or smoke exposure during the first few days after treatment, as these may adversely impact your results. 

Save Trips for Later

While lip injection recovery is minor, there is still some follow-up associated with the procedure. Typically, we schedule patients to come for a check-up about two weeks after their initial treatment to confirm a healthy recovery and recommend any necessary adjustments. Scheduling travel too soon after your procedure can even put your fillers at risk if you are traveling by plane. We recommend waiting until after you’ve gotten the all-clear from our plastic surgeon before scheduling any out-of-town trips. 

Avoid the Pucker (and your pucker)

Once you’ve had your lips filled, it can be tempting to want to touch them with either your fingers or tongue. However, this can increase your chance of infection and can keep swelling around for longer. As hard as it is, avoid touching your lips and kissing for the first few days after your treatment.

Speaking of kissing, we also recommend patients avoid any activity that involves puckering their lips for the first couple days after treatment. Not only will your lips be sensitive and swollen but shaping the mouth into a pucker in order to drink out of a straw or give a kiss can interfere with the placement of the injection material. In the worst-case scenario, this can require retreatment.

Enhance Your Smile with Zochowski Plastic Surgery

A beautifully full pout can be a tremendous confidence boost for many patients and help them on their journey to empowerment. Discover the long-term benefits of this non-surgical treatment by calling 614-490-7500 and scheduling your consultation today!