Why Facelifts are Growing More Popular with Younger People

It is common to assume that facelifts are reserved for people over the age of 50 because of their ability to significantly reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck. However, in recent years, patients in their 30s and 40s are starting to notice the many benefits of facelift surgery.

Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin due to volume loss can be caused by gravity, hormones, genetics, stress, and poor adolescent skin care. While there are plenty of options out there to help correct these issues like Botox® or Dysport, nothing compares to the lasting results of a facelift.

Here are some of the main reasons why facelifts are growing more popular with the younger generation.

Better Results

Choosing to get a facelift while the skin still retains its natural elasticity typically yields better results. The younger generation isn’t trying to reverse their signs of aging back as far as someone in their 50s or 60s, which means that surgery can be less invasive with smaller incisions.

This means the recovery time is generally quicker with fewer possible complications. The resilience and recuperating abilities of a younger body are essential factors to consider before undergoing an early facelift. Identifying problem areas and correcting them early means they don’t get progressively worse as women or men enter their 50s or 60s.

Improved Quality of Life

We’ve all heard the expression that life is too short to wait. Why wait to ask for the promotion? Why wait to buy the car of your dreams if you’re able to afford it? Why wait to start school or a new job? Why look older than you actually are? It’s a proven psychological study that when we appear younger, we feel younger. If you know something will improve the quality of your life, then why wait until it’s an absolute necessity to do it?

By undergoing a facelift surgery for someone struggling with dissatisfaction about their aesthetic appearance at a young age, they have many years ahead of them to enjoy the benefits. Facelift surgery is not a procedure that needs to be done every couple of months like injections or dermal fillers; it comes with results that will last for years.

Less Invasive Procedure Options

As previously mentioned, undergoing a facelift at an older age requires more skin removal or repositioning, which becomes a more invasive procedure like the full incision technique. The younger generation has the option to undergo a mini facelift.

A mini facelift is most often appropriate for younger patients because it can improve the appearance of wrinkles in the cheeks but has minimal effect on the jowls and the neck where they’re not necessarily needed.

Facelift Surgery with Dr. Zochowski in Columbus, Ohio

Choosing the right plastic surgeon to conduct your facelift is extremely important. You’ll want to find someone who is board certified with extensive experience in performing facelifts and has a history of beautiful results.

With an extensive history in the medical field, Dr. Zochowski’s personal and passionate approach to medicine is what truly sets him apart. Zochowski Plastic Surgery invites you to contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Zochowski.