7 Ways Your Skincare Can Help You Look More Awake

Whether it’s due to anxiety, work-related stress, young children, or binging your favorite show, many of us are finding ourselves without enough sleep these days. Along with a compromised immune system, lack of energy, weight gain, and a host of other issues that come with not getting a full seven to eight hours of rest, lack of sleep can also negatively affect your skin.

From wrinkles and sagging skin to dark circles, under-eye bags, and inflammation, it’s essential to find ways around limited amounts of sleep for those with a busy schedule. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to look more rested than you might actually be.

1. Under-eye Patches

If under-eye circles and bags are your primary concern, under-eye patches are a great way to rehydrate the skin and alleviate the appearance of dark circles. They can be worn throughout the night or for 15 minutes in the morning after regular skincare but before makeup. A pro-tip is to keep your under-eye patches in the refrigerator. This will keep the serum that coats the gel patches cool, helping to calm inflammation and brighten the under-eyes.

2. Eye Creams

Using an eye cream daily is vital to maintain a rested, youthful complexion. The skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest on our bodies and is extremely susceptible to fine lines, sagging, and discoloration if not appropriately treated. While there are so many wonderful eye creams options to choose from, the trick is to find one that features hyaluronic acid, retinol, antioxidants, or peptides.

3. Caffeine

Not many people realize that caffeine can be a topical solution to fatigue in the skin, not just fatigue of the body and mind. Caffeine can decrease puffiness, inflammation, boost collagen production, and even reduce cellulite. So, next time you shop for your skincare, find a serum or a moisturizer infused with either green coffee bean extra or caffeine.

4. Overnight Masks

On the rare occasions when you know that you won’t be getting a full night’s rest, a great practice is to apply your favorite overnight mask before you climb into bed. Overnight masks are worn while you sleep to help deliver benefits to your skin over a more extended period of time. Look for masks with hyaluronic acid to help plump and moisturize your skin.

5. Vitamins

Vitamin C is not only a great support for our immune systems; it’s also an excellent brightening agent for discoloration of the skin. Vitamin E helps with cell regeneration and holds antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. So, while you’re taking your one-a-days, remember to also find skincare that has these helpful vitamins in them.

6. Don’t Skip Your Skincare Routine

While it might seem more practical to crawl into bed without doing your skincare routine and get an extra few minutes of rest, you’re actually not doing yourself any favors. Our skin regenerates at night while we’re sleeping. It flushes out toxins, and our cells turn over at a faster rate to help our skin look the best it can. Make sure that you follow at least a three-step skincare routine starting with a gentle cleanser, a treatment serum or toner, followed by a moisturizer for the face and eyes.

7. Invest in Yourself

Lastly, but certainly not least, invest in yourself by seeing a board-certified cosmetic specialist that can help you make sure your skincare is doing the absolute most for your skin. At Zochowski Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, cosmetic specialist Dr. Zochowski and his experienced team believe skin care should be a part of every patient’s cosmetic maintenance plan.

Our list of medical-grade skin care products, non-surgical procedures, and plastic surgery procedures of the breast, body, and face are the perfect way to preserve a youthful, rested look. Contact us today to learn more!