How Does Breast Shape Change After Breast Reduction?

If your self-confidence is suffering because of the appearance or shape of your breasts, breast reduction surgery is a great option for improving not only your comfort but also your overall lifestyle. You’ll find that after your breast reduction, you can enjoy a wider variety of physical activities, confidently wear the clothing you want, and achieve proportions more in balance with the rest of your figure.

Whether you’ve just recently undergone breast reduction surgery or you’re researching what to expect from a breast reduction, at Zochowski Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Columbus, OH, we’re here to answer the most pressing questions that patients have surrounding the potential outcome of their breast reduction procedure.

What Happens to Breast Shape Post-Reduction Surgery?

Immediately after your breast reduction, your breasts will appear swollen, sit quite high on your chest, and look slightly cone-shaped. The nipples may also appear low. In the first three months of your recovery, the shape of your breasts will change significantly. The swelling will continue to decrease, and gravity will cause the breasts to drop to a more natural position and take on a more natural teardrop shape. The nipples will also rise to a more natural position.

How Long After Breast Reduction Will I See My New Shape?

The final results of your breast reduction are typically realized after six months when most of the post-surgical swelling and bruising have resolved. At this point in your recovery, you can see the permanent and final shape of your breast lift results. This is often when women get measured to find their new and true bra size.

What Factors Influence Breast Shape After Breast Reduction?

Factors that will influence the shape of your breasts after a breast reduction surgery include:

  • Technique. The main factor is the technique you and Dr. Zochowski agree upon to achieve your ideal results. He typically performs three techniques: the areola, the lollipop, and the Inverted-T or “Anchor” method. Each technique allows Dr. Zochowski to remove a greater or lesser amount of skin or breast tissue, thus affecting your breast’s results.
  • Recovery. Another important factor that will influence the shape of your reduced breasts is how well you heal during your recovery. We recommend that patients follow a list of guidelines during their recovery, and at the top of the list is keeping their chest elevated. Keeping the chest elevated reduces pain and heals bruising and swelling faster. For this reason, we encourage our patients to sit upright whenever possible during their recovery.
  • Wear Your Surgical Bra. Surgical bras support your breasts while the tissue recovers from surgery. The compression provided by the bra prevents the overaccumulation of blood and fluid, thus helping reduce swelling and encouraging proper shape. The surgical bra also provides the added benefit of preventing the skin from sagging, which can potentially impact the final results of your breast reduction.

How Does Age and Skin Elasticity Affect Shape Post-Reduction?

Young women between the ages of 18 and 30 are among the biggest groups to seek breast reduction procedures because this is the time in their lives when they’re the most active, and their skin still holds the most elasticity. By the time women are in their 20s, the overall shape of their breasts is complete, so unless there is a drastic change in body weight, the breasts’ size is likely to stagnate.

Women over 40 also seek this procedure to rejuvenate their figure. Many women experience changes in their body proportions related to aging. For this reason, a breast reduction may be a good option for reducing the weight of the breasts; however, skin laxity can affect the overall shape, causing the breasts to appear drooping or elongated. If this is a concern, Dr. Zochowski can discuss your options for creating a beautiful breast shape at any age.

What Role Does Post-Surgical Care Play in Shaping After Reduction?

Following your breast reduction, Dr. Zochowski will provide specific instructions on how to care for your breasts during your recovery. It is crucial to follow these instructions, including wearing a supportive bra, avoiding certain physical activities, and taking prescription medication as prescribed. Proper aftercare reduces your risks of complications and promotes healing, helping you achieve your desired breast shape and size after your procedure.

How Do I Find the Right Breast Reduction Surgeon?

The only true way to know if a breast reduction surgeon is right for you is to schedule a consultation that allows you to experience their bedside manner and ask your most pressing questions. They should listen to your concerns compassionately, discuss your goals and medical history, and explore your surgical options. During your consultation, your surgeon should help you determine if surgery is right for you and if they’re the right person to help you achieve your goals. You’ll also be able to explore their portfolio of other breast reduction procedures they’ve performed and discuss what you can expect for out-of-pocket expenses so that there are no financial surprises later on.

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