Can an Arm Lift Include the Armpits?

The area along the underside of the upper arms is a common place for excess fat and skin to gather, especially as due to aging or after losing a significant amount of weight. While you might be able to tone muscles and reduce fat from this area, there is little that can be done about the loose skin left behind. Oftentimes, even after accomplishing their weight loss goals, this loose underarm skin can cause patients to feel self-conscious wearing short sleeves or tank tops.

An arm lift or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess sagging skin and fat along the upper arms. Dr. Christopher Zochowski uses this procedure to enhance the appearance of the arms by reducing localized fat in the upper arm region and tightening underlying supportive tissues. A common question patients bring up is whether an arm lift can address the localized fat in the armpit region. In this blog, we’ll discuss all things brachioplasty, including whether the armpits can be included in defining and shaping the upper arms.

What Is an Arm Lift, and Can It Extend to the Armpit Area?

Brachioplasty, commonly referred to as an arm lift, is generally performed under general anesthesia. To access the unwanted fat and remove excess skin, the procedure requires an incision that extends from the elbow to the armpit. Dr. Zochowski carefully customizes each procedure to remove the appropriate amount of loose skin and fat to create smoother, more contoured arms. The supportive tissues below the skin are also tightened and repositioned, providing better support for the skin.

Armpit fat can be difficult for anyone to target, but it is especially troublesome for women as bras can squeeze and accentuate this area. Using liposuction, Dr. Zochowski can target the armpit region to further contour the arms and upper chest area.

What Are the Benefits of Including the Armpit in an Arm Lift?

Choosing to include the armpit region in your arm lift can address fat that has gathered around the armpit and the bra line—areas of the body that can be challenging to address through diet and exercise alone. Some arm lift benefits of including the armpit area are:

  • Reducing or removing rolls of fat and prominent bulges
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Creating visually balanced upper body results
  • Eliminates uncomfortable chafing, pitching, and bulging in the armpit area

What Techniques Are Used for an Armpit-Inclusive Arm Lift?

There are three different arm lift techniques: traditional, mini, and extended.

The extended arm lift technique focuses on upper arm rejuvenation and is used to treat more severe cases of skin laxity. It is the technique most appropriate for patients who have recently undergone a significant amount of weight loss or would like to include their armpit region in the procedure. The incision for this procedure extends from the elbow to the armpit and can continue along the side of the chest for further contouring.

Although the incision for the extended arm lift is more significant than the others, Dr. Zochowski can include further body contouring for more balanced, cohesive results. Additionally, a small amount of liposuction can be included in this technique to address unwanted fat in the arms and armpit region to help you further attain your aesthetic goals.

How Does the Armpit Heal After Being Included in an Arm Lift?

During an arm lift recovery that includes the armpits, patients will experience some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort around the incisions, just like with a traditional or mini arm lift. Patients will be provided with bandages and compression garments to help minimize swelling and keep the armpit area comfortable during the healing process. Individuals who chose to include their armpit areas in the arm lift procedure can return to work or their lifestyle habits and daily activities within a few weeks after their treatment. However, patients are advised to avoid arduous exercise for a few weeks.

Can Including the Armpit Area Provide a More Natural-Looking Arm Lift Result?

Yes, including the armpit area in your arm lift procedure can greatly enhance your natural-looking results. If the armpit area is left with excess loose skin and fat while the arms are neatly contoured, it can leave a distinct contrast, making the results look unfinished. During your consultation with Dr. Zochowski, he will be able to help you determine if adding the armpit area into your arm lift is necessary and what to expect if you choose to include or not to include this section in your procedure. His main goal with all body contouring procedures is to create balanced, cohesive, and long-lasting results that bring his patients an elevated sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Armpit Surgery

Your arm lift and armpit cosmetic surgery involve many choices. The first and most important choice begins with selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust—one whose demeanor and values match your own.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to consider their level of experience, credentials, and reputation in their field or specialty. Seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon with plenty of patient reviews and a before and after gallery. Additionally, make sure to schedule a consultation with your prospective surgeon to experience their communication style and approach to your particular procedure.

During your consultation, evaluate the facilities where your operation will take place. The environment in which your procedure is conducted can greatly impact your overall experience, safety, and satisfaction.

Find Out If Your Arm Lift Can Include the Armpits with Dr. Christopher Zochowski

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