Would You Benefit from a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Both?

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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that will increase the size and improve the shape and fullness of the breasts. During the procedure, implants are placed under the breast tissue or muscle. There are two main types of implants, silicone or saline. Silicone implants typically have a more natural feel and are an excellent choice for patients that have very little natural breast tissue. Patients that have ample breast tissue may opt for saline implants as it can add volume and shape without necessarily changing the feel of the breasts. The best implant is chosen based upon the needs and underlying goals of each patient. Any surgical incisions are typically placed in areas that are masked by the natural curvature of the body and will fade over time.

What is a Breast Lift?

As women age, have fluctuating weight or after bearing children, they may notice a loss of breast volume. This loss of volume usually leads to breast ptosis (drooping). A breast lift will help to correct drooping by volumetrically reshaping the breasts. During this procedure excess skin is removed and breast tissue is reshaped to restore firmness and raise the breasts and nipples on the chest. While there are three different approaches to the breast lift procedure, the technique that is chosen depends on the amount of breast volume, tissue and the degree of sagging that each patient is experiencing. Breast lift surgery is a great solution for anyone that is content with the size of their breasts but would like to reshape them to a more youthful contour.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift?

While it may be an easy question to answer for some people, the decision to have breast augmentation may not come so easily for others. Woman who are self-conscious about the size or shape of their breasts spend much of their time selecting wardrobes that accentuate what nature has given them and avoiding clothing or even events that would show off their inadequacies. Visits to the gym, attending pool parties or a day at the beach might be permanently banned from their calendars. If you’re one of those women, breast augmentation might be for you.

If it isn’t the size of your breasts that concerns you so much but the way your breasts have started to droop or hang that is your main concern, a breast lift might be the best option for you. A simple test to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure is the pencil test. Take a standard pencil and place it as high as you can under the fold of your breast. If the pencil is held in place, then you have signs of breast drooping. However, if your nipple falls below the pencil, then you have significant drooping and more than likely are a great candidate for this procedure.

Can Both Procedures be Right for You?

Breast augmentation focuses on the size and shape of the breast and will not correct drooping breasts. Unlike augmentation, a breast lift focuses on the position of the breast and will not increase the size of your bust. Each procedure offers its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages and careful consideration must be done prior to deciding upon either surgery. It is important to note, that during your personalized consultation, both procedures could be recommended. Often a breast lift is done in conjunction with breast augmentation so that a more youthful appearance can be restored while volume is added with an implant. Having an augmentation with a breast lift will give you some upper breast fullness along with repositioning sagging breasts and nipples. Openly discussing your goals during your consultation will help determine if one or both procedures are right for you.

What are the Benefits?

If you’re one of the many women who’ve considered breast enhancement procedures but are nervous about the outcome, there are a few things to consider. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks but the benefits are endless. Regardless if you are considering augmentation alone or in conjunction with a breast lift, you will enjoy a boost to your self-esteem and confidence, not to mention the youthful, curvaceous contour to your body. With the new you, excursions once dreaded, will be an adventure for many years to come.

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