When Should You Start Cosmetic Treatments Before Your Wedding

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Everyone wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Brides to be should know you can go far beyond manicures and pedicures and give yourself a complete makeover before heading down the aisle.

In order to see results before the wedding, it’s important to start making plans ahead of time for cosmetic treatments to make sure they can be fully effective. People who try to rush cosmetic treatments can run into a lot of issues if the beauty regime does not work as planned. Here is what you need to know about when to start cosmetic treatments before your big day.

Sun Damage (6+ Months)

Did you know topical retinoids like Retin-A can be used to regenerate the skin and help reverse the effects of sun damage? These types of medicines need at least six months to be effective, so make sure to start early if you want to rejuvenate skin before your wedding. Take care to use good sunscreen or stay inside during sunny days since topical retinoids can increase the chances of sunburn.

Smoother Skin (6 Months)

Ready to bring back that youthful glow before your wedding? Microdermabrasion helps resurface the skin by removing dull top layers to reveal taut and smooth ones underneath. After microdermabrasion, skin takes on a smoother texture and has a more even color. The treatment is usually pretty gentle but does require multiple sessions over a number of months. It’s best to start about six months before a wedding if you want microdermabrasion to work and still have time to deal with any issues.

Uneven Complexions (5 Months) 

If you have a complexion that is a bit uneven, broadband light therapy can be a great way to look more photogenic on your wedding day. Broadband light therapy passes down to the deeper levels of skin where collagen and blood vessels are found. This treatment helps reduce redness on the face and many say makeup goes on a lot smoother after a session. Treatments for an even complexion should be spaced out over the course of four to six weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Wrinkle-Free Face (4 Months)

Many people try and use Botox® to achieve younger-looking skin and eliminate wrinkles. However, Botox® can lead to some bruising at the injection site and can have other side-effects. The use of a fraxel laser can be a great way for you to have fresher and tighter skin before your wedding. The procedure beams lasers deep into the skin and helps remodel collagen and elastin. Results are usually not visible until two or three months, so be sure to plan accordingly so your skin can glow on the big day.

Beautiful Teeth (1 Month)

Every bride wants a beautiful smile for friends and family on a wedding day. Bonding and whitening are relatively simple cosmetic treatments that can make you look years younger and give a great smile. Bonding, where composite resin is placed onto teeth, can close gaps, fix rough edges, and lengthen smaller teeth. Whitening treatments can quickly give you a million-dollar smile. Bonding can usually be done in one to two appointments with a weeklong gap. Whitening often takes just one appointment and requires home maintenance. This means you can transform your smile in just a few weeks before the wedding day.

Looking Beyond Just Botox®

Many turn to Botox® for a variety of cosmetic needs, but there are a number of other dermal fillers that can be even more effective. Radiesse® can be used to fill nose depressions and smooth out sharp angels on the face. It usually lasts for two years after application. For those looking to soften wrinkles, Perline is a popular choice that can also be used for lip augmentation. It usually lasts for three to nine months. One of the newest fillers, Evolence, is often used to soften skin folds on the lips, earlobes, and cheeks.

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