What to Expect After Lip Fillers

Medical research, safety, and pop culture all contribute to the 300% rise in lip injections seen in the United States over the last several decades. Yes, you read that right. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says the number of lip filler treatments has increased by more than 300% since the year 2000.

If you’re familiar with some of today’s most popular social media influencers, this may not be much of a surprise. But despite how ubiquitous lip fillers have become, there are still many myths and misconceptions that surround them.

In this post, we’ll demystify lip fillers a bit by explaining what you should expect in the days and weeks following your lip filler injections.

The First Few Days After You Get Lip Fillers

For the first 24 to 48 hours after your lip filler appointment, you should avoid any sort of strenuous activity or exercise. The reason for this is twofold; you will properly heal around the injection site, and you also keep your blood pressure and heart rate from elevating to levels that may increase your body’s swelling and bruising. A little movement is fine, but no jogging, lifting, or anything more strenuous than light walking.

You’ll also want to drink plenty of water after your injections. Being hydrated will help your body’s natural healing response, and it will also aid in helping your lip fillers do the important work of giving you plump, sexy lips. The main active ingredient in many lip filler products is hyaluronic acid (HA), which helps draw in and retain moisture. Making sure you’re drinking plenty of H20 will help the HA delivered to targeted areas do its job.

The Next Few Days After Your Lip Filler Appointment

It’s common to experience a little swelling around the injection site and edges of your lips. To help minimize excessive swelling and reduce any discomfort, it’s fine to apply ice immediately after your appointment and in the days following, as needed. Alternate a few minutes on and a few minutes off.

Doctors also recommend that you avoid flying and prolonged periods in pressurized environments for at least a week after you have lip injections. If you have any concerns about environments you might be in, consult with your doctor.

In the Weeks After Your Lip Filler Injections

As your lips begin to fill out and form from the injections, there may be a period where they look overfilled. This is often due to swelling and the moisture-retaining properties of the filler products starting to work. Your results will improve over the next several weeks and should be long lasting after your brief recovery.

To ensure the best results, make sure to follow any additional instructions that your team of cosmetic medical experts recommends.

Discover Even More Options for Injectable Treatments

Lip fillers are part of a wider array of exciting injectable treatments. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen what’s out there, do yourself a favor and get in touch with us to discuss all your treatment options.

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