How to Prepare Your Child So Otoplasty Goes Smoothly

female child on mother's back in a grassy field

There are children born with ears that are mismatched, too large, misaligned or misshapen. If you are considering to surgically correct the appearance of your child’s ears with pediatric otoplasty, Dr. Christopher Zochowski offers helpful suggestions to prepare your child for the procedure. 

Otoplasty is possible with children as young as five when the cartilage in their ears is fully developed. Most kids this age is well aware of what a trip to the doctor entails. Although five may sound young, it is also an age when children have yet to be the target of teasing and insensitive remarks about their appearance. Otoplasty allows you never to let your child experience any bullying about their ears sticking out. This article’s purpose is how to prepare your child for pediatric-otoplasty surgery and recovery.  

At Zochowski Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we urge parents to shield their kids from any comment or action that might make them self-conscious about their appearance. They are impressionable, and the most innocent statement can affect them for several years to come. When explaining the procedure to them tell them it will make their ears the same size while avoiding any negative terms about their appearance. Next is to prepare them on what they can expect with their upcoming surgery. 

Explain What Will Happen on the Day of Surgery

Preparing your child for Otoplasty will go a long way to ensure optimal results. Explain to them what she or he can expect on the day of surgery, including:

  • They won’t eat breakfast when they wake up
  • You will be taking them to the surgery center where they will see Dr. Zochowski again
  • Nurses will change them into a hospital gown, a special outfit for them to wear
  • You’re going to have a mask with a balloon you need to blow up; then you’re going to feel very sleepy
  • Dad and Mom will be there when you wake up

Prepare Your Child for Recovery 

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure, so your child will go home on the same day of surgery. They should understand beforehand:

  • When they wake up, they will have a special bandage on their head
  • It might hurt a little when they wake, but there will be medicine to make it go away
  • When the doctor takes the dressing off, they will wear a cool headband
  • They won’t take a regular bath for a couple of days
  • They won’t be playing for a few days as well 

If surgery is a big interruption in an adult’s life, think how significant it will be for your child. Try to make it like an adventure to reduce anxiety. Give them an incentive for when the surgery is complete, like ice cream, their favorite meal, or a toy they have wanted for some time. 

If you would like more information about otoplasty or preparing your child for the surgery, call us today to schedule a consultation. 

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