How To Prepare for Plastic Surgery

How you prepare for any surgery can play a pivotal role in your recovery and the outcome of your treatment. Even when you know the results will look fantastic and improve your quality of life, it is still vital that you find ways to promote not only your physical health but also your mental health. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Zochowski and his staff can teach you exactly what you need to know to best prepare. From your first appointments to your final follow-up, we will ensure your safety and complete satisfaction every step of the way.


Schedule an online consultation to learn how you can prepare for your procedure in Columbus, OH. Read on to learn several tips for how to prepare for plastic surgery.

1. Start and Maintain a Healthy Diet

Try to avoid a low or empty calorie diet as your body needs protein, iron, vitamins, and nutrients for optimal recovery. Instead of cutting calories or healthy carbohydrates, focus on using quality ingredients such as fresh vegetables and lean proteins. As convenient as it might be, try to avoid overly processed foods and fast-food options. Also, limit or completely stop your alcohol intake as excessive alcohol is not healthy and can cause blood thinning effects during surgery, which can contribute to bleeding and heavy bruising on the skin.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking affects blood oxygen levels and the quality of blood circulation through the vessels. Oxygen-rich blood and non-constricted arteries and veins are essential for healing. If you smoke, please disclose the information to your surgeons during your consultation.

3. Exercise

Taking up a new and vigorous workout regimen is not recommended prior to surgery. Instead, focus on maintaining your current level of fitness and avoiding exercises that can lead to injury. If you haven’t worked out for a while, don’t try to do too much too fast. Start with light walking, then incorporate some strength and muscle toning into your weekly schedule. It’s important to emphasize stretching and strengthening core muscles, especially for procedures such as liposuction or tummy tuck.

4. Rally Your Team

After surgery, you will need support for at least the first 48 hours up to a week following your procedure. Before your surgery is the time to recruit your closest family members, friends, or significant others to ensure that they know how to care for you properly. With some trusted help, you will be able to focus on resting and healing while someone else makes sure that you’re properly fed, hydrated, and safe.

Get Ready for Your Plastic Surgery with Zochowski Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery offers the opportunity for you to change how you face the amazing life ahead of you, gain confidence, and inspire people around you to prioritize their aesthetics as much as their health. Recovery from surgery is nothing to fear with the right preparation. Learn more from Dr. Zochowski by calling us at (614) 490-7500 or contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today!