How to Evaluate Breast Augmentation Surgeons through Their Before & After Photos

When considering breast augmentation and who should do the surgery, the search may appear easy enough if you believe that all surgeons are the same. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you were to choose any other professional like a decorator, designer, or architect, you would try to find the best fit. Although plastic surgeons have a committed approach that is unique to their practice, the results from their work can often be analyzed from their website’s photo gallery if you know what to look for. From the details of these before and after images, you can use these photos as a tool to narrow your search. 

Now, we’re not saying you’ll find everything you need from a photo on a website. You must be diligent to research the credentials of each surgeon you consider ensuring they are abreast of the most advanced technologies and techniques. But these pictures can give you an understanding of the result you can expect from breast augmentation performed on similar body types as yours. Here are some things you should look for:  

Look for Similar Body Types

As you survey before and after galleries, pay close attention to women who have body shapes and breasts similar to your own. Results on comparable bodies can help you understand what your surgeon can do specifically for you. These may include:

Symmetry and Proportion

Skilled surgeons make symmetry a pivotal component to their surgical plan. They pay close attention to the dynamics of body contours and strive to reach a balance between your breasts; and your breasts with other features of your body. Whatever can be seen in the before picture, make sure the after image reflects a balance between each breast and with your other body parts.


Look for different body types in the surgeon’s gallery. The degree of talent a surgeon has in plastic, and reconstructive surgery depends on their ability to help women of varying body shapes and types. If the photos only reflect a specific body shape, chances are that the surgeon can’t customize their breast augmentation surgical plan.

Scar Placement

Pay close attention to visible scarring. Although any type of surgery will leave scarring, the ability of a capable surgeon will minimize the risk and appearance of scarring. Most before and after photos offer nude shots so your idea of post-surgical scarring should be quite evident.

Learn more 

There is much to learn from a surgeon’s photo gallery, but pictures cannot tell you everything about the surgeon you are considering. The purpose of a breast augmentation consultation is to learn if the surgeon and you are a good fit. This initial visit will help you determine if there is chemistry between you and your surgeon, and to become an active participant of your surgical plan.

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