Choosing the Best Body Contouring Procedure for Your Body Type

No matter how hard you work out or follow a healthy diet to achieve the body you want, factors such as genetics, aging, and motherhood can all play a role and leave you feeling less confident about the way you look.

A healthy lifestyle will always be the foundation upon which your body contouring efforts are built. Still, you may need both traditional and some of the newer approaches for the best results, using surgical, non-surgical procedures, or even a combination to reach your goals.

With your unique body and aesthetic objectives, your best approach is to schedule an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zochowski. He proudly offers all the latest and most popular body contouring procedures so that you can look and feel your best throughout the year.

Body contouring can help reduce fat (and increase muscle mass) in the areas that make you feel frustrated. There is a range of options that can help you design the type of curves that feel right for you.

Whether it be for holiday family pictures, a winter vacation, an upcoming wedding, or those curves to fit that new summer swimsuit, people are now, more than ever, looking for the best and most effective ways to achieve the beautiful figure they’ve always desired.

What is a Body Contouring Procedure?

In recent years, the field of surgical body sculpting or contouring has advanced a great deal. Patients now have many different options for seeking fat reduction, skin removal or tightening, abdominal tightening, and more.

From expertly performed liposuctiontummy tucks, mommy makeovers, breast augmentations, and breast lifts, through non-surgical body sculpting procedures like CoolSculpting, there are plenty of options from which to choose to achieve your dream body.

Why Do Patients Choose Body Contouring?

The demand for body contouring continues its upward trend due to the stunning benefits these procedures deliver. While one of the primary benefits enjoyed by body contouring patients is the removal of stubborn fat, it can also be used to tighten areas of the body affected by significant weight loss or after having children.

Due to family genetics and not lifestyle choices, you might have found that you are predisposed to carry fat in specific areas, such as beneath the chin, the midsection, thighs, or upper arms. These fat deposits often create unwanted bulges, even if you are slim. Fortunately, body contouring by Dr. Zochowski can eradicate fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise. To sculpt down more than one area of your body, you may want to consider combining body contouring procedures to get the results you want.

Liposuction, CoolSculpting, and Mommy Makeover

Two popular non-invasive procedures offered by Dr. Zochowski that help eliminate unwanted fat include liposuction and CoolSculpting.


Utilizing a specialized non-surgical fat reduction process known as “cryolipolysis,” and without requiring any anesthesia, incisions, or downtime, intense cold causes the lipids inside fat cells to break down, leaving other tissues in the surrounding area unharmed. Over time, after CoolSculpting, the damaged fat cells are removed from the body via the liver and lymphatic system. This completely natural process doesn’t cause any discomfort to the patient. After between 2—4 months, the areas treated gradually become slimmer and benefit from increased collagen production, a compound that helps keep the skin tight, strong, and smooth.


As a  time-tested cosmetic surgery, liposuction has become the most popular aesthetic operation worldwide, where it has evolved into a safe, effective procedure in eliminating stubborn unwanted pockets of fat cells. As a result of its effectiveness as a key body sculpting procedure,  most plastic surgeons combine it with other body-enhancing operations. Breast surgery like breast lifts and breast reconstruction utilize liposuction to remove or even reposition fat deposits to restore breast appearance or achieve breast elevation.

The results of liposuction and Coolsculpting are permanent, with fat cells not typically growing back, even after the patient gains weight. The contoured areas will remain slimmer.

Mommy Makeover

Childbearing can significantly impact a mother’s figure, and a mommy makeover is an excellent option for mothers wishing to regain their youthful contours. The combination of body contouring procedures sought by women to regain their pre-pregnancy figures after having children is known as a mommy makeover.

The most popular surgeries Dr. Zochowski includes in this procedure are breast augmentationbreast lift, and a tummy tuck. Other surgeries often included with a mommy makeover are the thigh lift and arm lift.

Choosing the Best Surgeon for Your Body Contouring in Gahanna, Ohio

Doctors trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery are the professionals most qualified to deliver safe and successful outcomes. They have the most effective training in anatomy and reconstructing body tissues to attain the results so many patients desire.

To learn more about how you can get your body contoured the way you want, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Christopher Zochowski in Gahanna, OH, at (614) 490-7500.