Can You Have A Breast Lift with Pre-Existing Implants?

Over time, women start to notice sagging and excess skin on the breasts, which can be attributed to collagen loss, weakening of the skin and connective tissues, weight fluctuation, or pregnancy. Women experiencing these problems may wish to undergo a breast lift to restore the youthful position of breasts while also improving their contour.

But since you’ve already undergone a breast augmentation, the general question that follows is, “can you have a breast lift with pre-existing implants?” Here, we’ll take a look at what a breast lift is and what can be done when you already have implants.

About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery, also known as “mastopexy,” is the best option for patients who want to improve their breasts’ shape and position without increasing breast size. The breast lift operation may be done using several different techniques, depending on the surgeon. An incision will be made around the areola, and excess skin will then be removed, uplifting the skin below the breasts and shifting the nipple and areola to a more elevated position. The procedure can also reduce the size of overly large areolas.

Breast Lift After Breast Augmentation

Women who undergo breast augmentation with implants often don’t require a breast lift at the time of their enhancement. However, due to breast volume changes as the years go by, the breasts can start to sag and lose their shape. You may desire a breast lift to restore a more youthful and beautiful bust line. But if you’ve already had a breast augmentation, the essential question to consider is, “can a lift still be done?” Well, it all depends.

Can You Have A Breast Lift with Pre-Existing Implants?

If your implants are in good shape and are not causing any problems, your surgeon can do a breast lift without any issues. This means that there cannot be any hardening of the implants, and they still need to be mobile so that the surgeon can reposition them during the lift. However, keep in mind that your surgeon may recommend having a breast implant replacement at the time of a breast lift procedure.

It is always best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon when contemplating a breast lift or any other cosmetic surgery. The surgeon can conduct a full evaluation and determine the best suitable option for you.

Doctors will often suggest replacing implants if they are over 12 years old. Breast implants are not meant to last forever, and older implants are prone to rupture, so your doctor may recommend a replacement.

Breast Lift Surgery with Dr. Zochowski

Dr. Christopher Zochowski’s extensive education and masterful techniques have made him a trusted choice for plastic surgery in Ohio. With a specialized focus and expertise is the areas of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, his skill set will ensure that your aesthetics goals are reached safely and effectively. For more information about a breast lift with pre-existing implants, schedule a consultation with Zochowski Plastic & Reconstructive surgery today.