Botox® & Dysport

Injectable fillers are a popular and effective way to combat the signs of aging, without extensive and invasive treatment. Both Botox® and Dysport are used to smooth dynamic wrinkles caused by repeat facial expressions, such as laugh and frown lines. Though the recommended uses are similar, the formulations between the two brands are different. To learn more about which injectable is best for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation.


The ability to remove unwanted body fat without surgery would have seemed like a remote possibility just a few decades ago. Today, however, treatments like CoolSculpting have made it a reality. CoolSculpting offers up to a 24% reduction in the size of fat deposits – all without requiring any anesthesia, incisions, or downtime.

Facial Laser BBL

When facial skin looks dull, lined, and prematurely aged, there are non-surgical and high-tech solutions that can meet your needs. BBL or broadband light laser skin care is a form of intense pulsed light to encourage your body’s natural cell growth and healing properties. With the production of increased collagen and cell turnover, soft tissue looks fresh, young, and revitalized.


When it comes to correcting tissue volume lost to the natural aging process, injectable dermal fillers are many patients’ go-to choices, and for a good reason. Fillers plump and smooth skin, creating a fresh and youthful appearance. There is a wide range of filler brands and options available, making this cosmetic procedure easily customized to your needs and concerns. Fillers can be applied to the midface, forehead, jawline, and even in delicate tissue around the eyes and mouth.

Lip Fillers

If you want the perfect pout, consider lip injections as a non-surgical way to meet your aesthetic goals. A small injection can provide the volume you’re looking for to either plump naturally thin lips or create a youthful aesthetic when the aging process has created flat upper and lower lips. The goal is to look naturally rejuvenated, not obvious or over-treated.

Skin Care

Effective anti-aging starts at home. Your care routine is an important part of ensuring you have a healthy, smooth, and vibrant skin for the foreseeable future. Achieve glowing skin with medical-grade, professional products at Zochowski Plastic Surgery. Dr. Zochowksi and his team customize patient care recommendations based on concerns and goals, whether you have aging skin or acne-prone and sensitive skin.

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