Neck Lift

Neck Lift in Columbus, Ohio

A neck lift, or Lower Rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck. There are a variety of techniques used to accomplish these goals.

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What Neck Surgery can Treat

  • Excess fat. This can be in the area under the chin called submental fat. The lateral areas of the neck under the border of the mandible or jaw bone many also harbor excess fat.
  • Skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls.
  • Loose neck skin
  • Muscle banding in the neck, which creates abnormal contours. This is called platysmas banding.
  • The loss of youthful contours in the face and neck can be due to a variety of factors, including heredity, gravity, environmental conditions, weight gain and weight loss, medical conditions and stress.

Some people feel they are not ready for a full facelift because the upper face is still pleasing. However, many patients will note excess wrinkling of the neck skin, a double chin or “turkey wattle” and jowl lines. When the neck is not in harmony with the upper and mid face, a neck lift may be a good solution.

There are many other rejuvenating procedures that can be performed in conjunction with a neck lift depending on the patient’s concerns.

What Neck Lift Surgery can't Do

As a restorative surgery, a neck lift does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the aging process.

Some patients have a very obtuse neck due to a chin that does not project enough. This can only be improved to a certain extent with a neck lift alone. These patients may require a procedure to move the chin forward such as a sliding genioplasty or a chin implant.

Alternatives to Neck Lift

A neck lift is the gold standard for the aged neck. There are some non-surgical procedures that we can offer when someone is not ready for surgery:

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